Itís amazing how people benefit from being around horses. It doesnít matter whether you want to ride or prefer to keep both feet on the ground, horses have something to offer everyone and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joys of interacting with horses.

Our charity funds riding tuition and horse therapy programmes for members of our West London Community for whom such access would otherwise be an impossible dream. Our specific focus is on children & adults with disabilities, children & young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, vulnerable adults and the elderly community.
We are also working with West London primary schools to develop a curricular programme of equine education.

Our charity is managed by local people who give their time voluntarily, ensuring the maximum amount of money raised goes directly to benefiting adults and children who qualify for our programmes. With your on-going help and support, WLCRC can continue making a difference to the local Community.

Get involved - donate now and/or volunteer!