Our mission is to make a significant improvement to the quality of life of adults, children and young people with a charitable need in our local West London community by introducing them to the magical world of horses. Our beneficiary programmes currently fall into four categories:

Horse Riding - Our riding tuition programmes are aimed at disadvantaged children, disabled children & disabled adults. Each programme has clearly defined achievement based goals and grades, thereby increasing motivation levels.

Horse Therapy - these programmes help children and adults undergoing emotional difficulties (including children suffering from bullying) to benefit from the calming influence of horses. Examples of horse therapy programmes include trust building bonding sessions for parents and young children where the parent is trained to lead-walk the horse while the child learns how to ride.

Horse Education - our equine learning programme enhances the education of local children. We work with local schools to educate children with little or no experience of rural life about the many aspects of life on a farm, by using horses and ponies and a working stables.

Horse Grooming - the thinking behind this programme is to provide a social event for older people in the community where they can care for horses in a social environment with their peers on a regular basis. They learn how to groom the horses, lead-walk the horses and generally build up a bond with the animals. There is plenty of scope for other esteem building tasks, such as gardening and light maintenance.

To provide our services, we work with the West London Stables Limited, where the team has much experience of working with our target beneficiaries.
To promote our charity and to access beneficiaries, we work with a wide range of contacts at many local organisations including Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), local schools, local charities, local businesses, youth centres and our many contacts within the local boroughs.

WLCRC Child & Vulnerable Person's Protection Policy